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Thread: Need 2016 Ram 2500 with AISIN transmission.

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    Default Need 2016 Ram 2500 with AISIN transmission.

    How do I get a deleted file for my truck? When people do the deletes is there a "switch off" like in Euro stuff or even WARP/MM3 stuff or do people have to rewrite the code?

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    These days most do not talk about deletes and I think there is actually some verbiage on "delete" topics within the forum rules. I know you're new but just putting this out there as a fair warning.

    To answer your question, EFI Live does not support deletes nor do they write/build/distribute any information as such. Now that said, EFI does support custom functions/tables which can be custom built so if you can get a hold of a binary and figure it out from there then you're already ahead of most. There is no switch off and honestly you would be lucky to get something of the sort for free even if it was available. Everyone wants money these days even if it's just for the information.

    Think of Warp and MM3 as GUI's. Someone took the time to figure out what needed to be disabled or changed then packaged that into a user friendly program.

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