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Thread: Ls1b $0281 $0101 $054a

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    Default Ls1b $0281 $0101 $054a

    Trying to Cal flash a LS1B ECM and keep getting $0281 $0101 $054A Believe I possibly bricked one because of $0281 during a call flash. Was able to flash another and get engine running but tried to get back in and change trans to 4l60 and getting the same codes not all at once but different times.
    Had stereo on star and ABS fuses pulled, no other power draws, OBDII fuse is good.

    V3 Firmware V3.00.
    Bootblock V3.00.006
    Any help….
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    Heres a trace
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    The LS1 controller appears to be unresponsive and most likely unrecoverable due to the full flash failure.
    Contact SoCal Diesel, they can replace the flash chip on the LS1 controllers.

    Before asking for help, please read this.

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