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Thread: Duramax LBZ return to stock issues

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    Default Duramax LBZ return to stock issues

    DSP5 tunes
    Want to flash back to stock.

    Hook up Autocal v2, turn key 2 clicks. Go to read 35A

    Get codes$0538 followed by $0185.

    Tells me to turn off ignition. Do it, press button. Wait 15 seconds, turn key 2 clicks but it never goes to full program. If I hit the middle button again, it tries to read and gives me error. If I use the up or down arrows, there is nothing in those options for full program.

    My understanding is that the DSP5 tune cannot be read from the ECU, you just have to full flash and that is why I am getting the codes.. But, I never get the option in the menus to full program.

    I must be missing some silly step.

    When I go into scan and tune, BBX, there is nothing there. If I click on read it loads a bunch of BBL enabled controllers and the E35A LBZ one has the box checked. I can see the selected PIDs on the scan tab.

    The tune tab has all the same controllers with the E35a box checked.
    The switch tab has my tunes in the proper order
    That's as far as I want to look.
    When I click close, it asks me if I want to save the black box settings. IDK if I should.

    I do have a copy of my stock tune and a copy of the DSP5 tune on my computer.

    How do I get the full program option to come up without a successful read?

    I'm thinking there is an issue with the autocal as there are no files in the window on the desktop program.

    If I format the autocal, does that unmarry it and create other issues as long as I have my tunes saved elsewhere?

    Any help would be appreciated. Original tuner is no longer around so no support there.
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