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Thread: stock tune files database?

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    Default stock tune files database?

    I wish I would have collected and saved every available file I could find.
    Im hoping someone can direct me to a database with stock tunes. I have a couple projects going on and want to be DBC and all the tunes I have saved are DBW.
    I want to start with repinning a 00 blazer and learn to tune on something cheap but the software for the 0411 will not accept the neither the segments or software flashes. That being said all I have saved on my computer is DBC 4.3 files.

    Im searching for 5.7 and 4.3 Drive by cable files, with manual, 60e and 80e whatever I can get. Got 3 different projects I am hoping to start coming together.

    Ive read the Express van has both of these files but now 2 years later when I bought all this I can not find anything available.

    Anyhow thanks for listening to me complain and I hope there is something available other than bugging people to email me lol



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    Looks like you've found the tune file location. Thanks for posting it

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    Long shot here but does anyone have a manual t-case file for a 2015 LML? Engine Op 12667378?

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    Try the diesel section?

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