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Thread: 2Bar OS and Readiness Tests

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    Default 2Bar OS and Readiness Tests


    Has anyone had problems with the readiness tests not running in the Custom OS 3. I have one that all is fine as far as tuning but the readiness tests never run, they just stay as incomplete. Is this since the vehicle never goes into closed loop? Thanks,

    Aaron L.
    Conover, NC

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    I'm running OS3 and don't have that problem. Take a look at your MIL enablers. It's one thing to turn off the light, another to turn off the MIL enabler.

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    I have mirrored the MIL enablers with the MIL Light on all of the settings. It appears that the tests are not even running. Some of them are enabled and the MIL is still on like the EGR for ex. No MIL but the readiness tests just say not ready. 2000 Silverado running the 2001 Custom OS. I've never seen this before either?
    Aaron L.
    Conover, NC

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