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Thread: Holden 2005 LS1 binary...

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    Default Holden 2005 LS1 binary...

    I think it's brilliant. I'd even recommend using it over the VY GTS as a base tune. A lot of the tables have been changed over earlier LS1 tunes, notably VE, idle, Burst Knock and other important tables that are important for driveability. So far my car idles nicer than ever before, and a lot of the driveability issues that were hard to get on top of before are a cinch to overcome using main tables from this binary.

    You can tell Holden's boffins put a lot of hard work into this tune. You can download it from the HoldenCrazy website (as I have done). Others who might consider trialling it, let us know what you think. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

    PS: I did lean off some rows of the VE table to make it compatible with my cammed application - notably 400-2000rpm - and also advanced spark to around 40* at 1600rpm, to overcome low rpm surging. The changes were only minor... but it's an improvement on what I had before.

    Just thought I'd share my thoughts with you all.

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    That's great, thanks for the tip.

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