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Thread: Cant connect LS1B with new V8 software

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    Default Cant connect LS1B with new V8 software

    Hey everyone, I keep getting this message. Can anyone help?

    Message states

    No device connected

    Please Connect a FlashScan or AutoCal USB device

    if a device is connected, ensure it is not being used by another application such as EFILive V7.5 SCan or Tune Software

    Any help or point me to a tutorial to get connected would be great.

    2000 Camaro SS, 427 LSX, 317's, LS6 intake, LS7 cam, twin TC66's, 80E, Mikes Billet 3000 stall, 9inch 3.50 gear, COS5, 2002 Auto Camaro 12212156 tune with Silverado 80E segment swap

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    Hi Glenn,

    See this thread: Windows 11 Support

    Are you using FSV2 or FSV3...?

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