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    Default Expansion Port

    So the website has "Connects third party data loggers to FlashScan V3 and AutoCal V3 via CAN. Currently no third party CAN data loggers are supported. This feature is reserved for future expansion."

    I was thinking that with the loss of analog input, that it might be worth building an arduino to take analog signals then send out can data to the logger. Is this the kind of thing that would be possible with this port or was it primarily for sending data out of the unit?

    I figure i could either send the data via rs232 or CAN, depending on which bus was the fastest to receive.

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    That's what I would figure to do.

    From my previous job at a car maker I remember the Arduino library supports CAN bus messages.

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    This would be good for K couplers too. This needs to be enabled
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