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Thread: 1st ve autotune of procharged suburban

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    Default 1st ve autotune of procharged suburban

    started autotuning my boss's procharged suburban.
    I have a 2 bar map scaled to 190
    also running 60lb mototrons with IFR changed with spreadsheet
    my LC1 works good now and Im just running the red/blue through the cigar lighter.

    made a few logs yesterday but the B3605 table was messed up so the logs were junk.
    did one log today, pasted/multiplied to the ve.
    now has large spikes, also get the reduced power message if I get on the throttle to hard.

    a couple questions,
    Is it safe to up the c6101 table by 120% and not run too lean?

    Are the spikes ok for the first run, just do some more and get the values to 1.00 plus/minus .02

    What is the map/rpm range I should get data for?
    the whole table? or just a portion.

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    Yeah Ive heard guys scale c6101 way up.
    You should try to map the whole table, best to get someone in the seat next to help. You can reduce the cell count to help fill it initially but accuracy will reduce a little. Also try the copy and fill function it will make educated guesses of missing cells for you.
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    spikes are normal until you gather enough cell data for every cell. All said and done, it's likey to still look lumpy and rough when you are done.

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    nice, thanks for the replies
    I will do some more logs with the c6101 bumped up tonight.

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