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Thread: Innovate DLG-1 Setup for V2 Data logging

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    Default Innovate DLG-1 Setup for V2 Data logging

    I have an Innovate DLG-1 that im trying to setup to my v2 through the analog outputs and cant get it to read. AFR is still 0.0. Not sure if i have it setup correctly bc there is not much info on it from what i have found. Never logged with one before. also can i monitor both banks from the dlg-1? it seems like i can but i cant figure out how to set that up either. it has a brown and yellow wire for the 5v out put coming out of the DLG-1 which are the positive wire to the 5 volt plug and the other is ran to ground on each one. Also what is the correct output voltage supposed to be set too? it is defalted to 0 volts at 7.35 AFR and 5.0 volts at 22.39 AFR. the only pid i have selected is external wide band afr. i also cant use the V8 at all bc it locks ups on me and haven't been able to use it in years no matter what updates i try so i can only use live scan V7.5 and live tune V7.5 to data log and load tunes so i either need to do my changes there or on the V2 itself. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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