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Thread: Flashscan Suddenly Disconnected, Won't Reconnect

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tre-Cool View Post
    always handy to keep a good known backup tune saved to the onboard memory or sd card, that way u can flash it to the car without the use of a laptop.
    I need to read up on this and datalogging with just the handheld.

    In other news, I got some new USB-B ports from Amazon, modified an existing soldering iron to have a finer tip, and burned it in. Flashscan is flashscanning again! Those ground pins were miserable to free up. The 4 little ones were easier.
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    I pretty much exclusively do handheld/black box only flashing and logging. Don't like lugging the laptop around if I don't have to and at this point I'm just fine tuning stuff. Let me know if you have any questions-- I have a few saved log lists and stuff already for a P59 2004 Corvette PCM. Good news on fixing the USB-- you need USB working to configure the logging stuff anyways.

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