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    Can't get SOL to function with B3647. Engine is on e85. B3601 is 10.09 afr. I can only get stft if I use the PE tables for enrichment. Works good but I'd rather control fueling with B3647. Originally set up the tune per the tutorial but when I set B3618 to 1.0 and turn on the o2s with either B4108 or B4205 or combination of both or neither I get a AFR in the 14s all the time even under wot except when fuel trim is not active. fuel trim is either on all the time which i dont want or not at all which is not really ideal with the methods ive been trying. When i originally tuned it I set B3601 to 10.09 so i could switch it to 14.6 if I had an instance where i'd be forced to use gas and it would be close enough to run. The only thing ive been able to gather is that B3601 must be set to 14.63 to get SOL when using B3647 for fueling. Is the 10.09 afr in B3601 what is preventing me from commanding SOL by entering a lambda or eq of 1.0 in B3647? I've tried it with 1 lamda and 1 eq ratio. TFS 235s cathedrals on a forged 6.2, fbody t56 mag, 9" rear, makes 530whp on a superflow and 656whp on a 150shot w a soft tune.

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    Should still be able to get SOL with any value for stoich AFR in B3601 (altho it has to be within the limit range indicated in the upper right panel when looking atvB3601).

    Do you have CL disabled...?

    If B3605/B3647 are 1.00 then SOL enables unless some other richer fueling table is active.

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