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Thread: L98 in Nissan Patrol

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    Default L98 in Nissan Patrol

    Hi Guys,

    Using a competitors software we have received a Nissan Patrol with a 2008 l98 6.0L out of a VE commodore.

    The vehicle ran however the previous shop bricked the ecu and tune related issues occured, one of which "CRANK RELEARN p0315"

    Happy days reinstall new ECU (same operating system as original)
    Wire in MAF
    Perform adjustments to compensate

    Now the vehicle is very hard to start and we ae getting errors

    Things to note the vehicle is cammed etc.

    Questions 1.

    The file was written by another software
    Can I overlay ??
    Does someone know what we are doing wrong?
    Is there any available to review the file

    Thanks guys and have a great Christmas and New Year

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    You have to write into the new ECM the same tune/calibration file as was in the bricked ECM... do you have access to the tuner of that, he may have the file.

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    sounds like hptuners flashed in a incompatible os & now the ecu reports locked.

    check what the seed key is, sometimes the unlock code is the same as the seed.

    To get rid of the crank relearn you need it running & working brake sense wire to be able to run the relearn test.

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