Hi there hope someone on here is able to help..

trucks been tuned already with some issues getting the tune to actually upload onto the ecm.

Tunner has sent me an updated version with a trans tune added.
1.tune loading onto the autocal v3 as per normal with no issues.
2.connected to truck and commenced the tune as per normal
3.during block 4 programming a Error came up " Out of Range $0331" and created itself a trace file and wouldn't complete the tune.
4. attempted multiple times, allowing amp amount of time to allow the systems to power down. (Even disconnected the battery)
5. on one attempt with a stock file tune which was provided from tuner the stock file actually tuned correctly to the ecm.
6. the new updated tune w/ trans file was then attempted and failed like previous attempts.
7. attempted to load up stock file again with failing attempts.
8. One attempt did manage to go very far on the progress bar but nearing the end i received a code " $037f Service not Supported in active diagnostic session ISO ($7f) "

Truck is a 2021 ram cummins
EFI AutoCal v3 with Firmware 3.00.099 Bootblock 3.00.006

Anyone able to login virtually? or have had this issye and know what i can do to change something please let me know.