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Thread: v1 walkthrough

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    Default v1 walkthrough

    Hi guys first time poster here, first time efi tuner here and first timer for a lot of other things.

    Recently bought myself a VT Holden Ls1 that came with flashscanv1 commercial.

    Ive read the user manuals a few times but hoping someone can hold my hand and walk me through a reflash.

    Or link me to a thread or site

    Car runs great and has been on a dyno by previous owner. My plan is to later add Nitrous with a standalone hi octane fuel system.(E85, methanol or race gas)

    Also have a few motors 396bb & 454 chev and Pontiac 400 that I would like to adapt to run Ls1 or similar PCM

    I think i have downloaded my tune correctly.. If I upload it can someone squizz through it quickly?

    Brief history of me.. Im a qualified Automotive Machinist, have been self employed for the last 3 years of my career of 20years now

    Check out my website

    < url deleted by mod >

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    Hi Warren,

    Welcome to the forum.

    While you can mention the name of your shop, you can't post a url to it.

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    First get familiar with logging.

    FlashScan V1 will not allow you to read/write the PCM's flash. You would need FSV2 or FSV3.

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