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Thread: Not running on all cylinders

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    Default Not running on all cylinders

    My engine is a 2010 LS3 6.2L manual 6spd, E38 ecm, mafeless, long tube headers hi-ram intake Texas Speed stage 2 cam
    I just put a new harness in, went for a drive 2 weeks ago and it ran great. Pulled into the yard, parked it went to finish another vehicle. 3 hrs later went to pull the car into the shop and no start. It acted like vats but ran long before dying, like 8 to 10 sec, DTC P0204 comes n goes. #4 injector has 10 ohms continuity , 12.29v to connector. New plug and wire. Logs shows misfire on cyl #4. Even after swapping coils. I have to cycle key, press the pedal 3 times to start. Nothing jumps out as to why the misfire.
    I've attached tune, log. any help is appreciated, thanks.

    UPDATE 23022023:
    If I should start a new thread, please tell me.
    I got the LS3 running sorta. I have replaced all, crank, map, nb o2's, and intake o-rings.
    I started going backwards full-flashing tunes (5) till I got back to the original vats delete tuine in 2019. It took almost 30% TP to get it to fire but it did fire consistently3 times. Still getting the P0204 code, runs rough but runs. Held the peddle to 1500>2800...ran best above 2600.
    I saved 2 logs 2nd was after disable maf C0301,02 to get rid of the P0102 code.
    I am hoping someone has time to peruse these to see if you have an idea why it runs so rough or maybe I need to add some PID's.
    I do not have WB O2's connected...just haven't addre4ssed connecting them to the V2.

    Thanks for your time
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    LS3 Manual 6 spd E38 os:12633056
    Texas Speed 1 7/8" headers w/3" exhaust
    Texas Speed cam 229/236 .629/.615 112 LSA
    Hi-Ram intake stock injectors 90mmTB

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