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Thread: EZLynk Locked T87 Controller

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    Default EZLynk Locked T87 Controller

    TCM was/is tuned using EZLynk. I loaded the stock tune back in the truck using the EZLynk and attempted to read the controller. The read failed with a $0537 code. Bought an unlocked stock tune and attempted to full flash the TCM. Same code. Tried flashing with the alternative keys and may be faulty boxes checked. Same code.

    Has anybody ran into this before? It is Friday night so I will have to wait till Monday to contact the tuner that I used with the EZLynk. I do not have access to a bench harness so trying all the different possible keys is out of the question. Is the only other option buying a new TCM? Thanks for the help?
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    I’ve seen it twice now.

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