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Thread: Cacl Pid for AEM Wideband

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    Default Cacl Pid for AEM Wideband

    Has anyone created a calculated pid for the AEM 30-0310 Wideband. I have been working for a week trying to make a CACL pid but have been totally unsuccessful. I just am not smart enough to figure it out upon reading the instructions in the Scanning manual. The math is close to the other Widebands but not the same. AFR is (2.3750*Volts) + 7.3125 where as Lambda is (0.1621*Volts) + 0.4990. Any help either with one someone has created or the "How To " make one. I will attach a doc that I found and attempted to modify but can't figure exactly what to do with it. Any Help will be appreciated.
    Thank you
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