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    Question Sanity Check


    I am pretty new to doing tuning and just want to get a little sanity check from some experienced individuals out there before I go making changes that I could find myself unable to drive my vehicle.

    I have an E86B ECM, so as I understand it the only way to assign a VIN to my V3 is to load a tune package on there. I have a stock tune ready to go and I have the old tune from my tuner that I'm trying to work with. However there's a warning that pops up when I try to load the file from my tuner that has 4 restrictions:
    1. Cannot be modified - (Fine I'm not trying to make the changes here)
    2. Cannot be viewed - (Again I'm not trying to edit this file or copy it)
    3. Restricted to controller with VIN: (My VIN)
    4. Linked to remote AutoCal with License: (Assuming his license)

    Now if I use my V3 Flashscan to load a stock tune, this should then allow me to go back and load the tuners tune because my V3 would have my VIN assigned to it...

    Is that correct? Or am I misunderstanding something?

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    If a stock tune has no restrictions for being linked to an autocal you can flash with a flashscan, any restrictions such as linked to remote device/autocal will prevent you from flashing with any device that does not have that license number

    Tuner of many, many Duramax and Cummins Diesels.

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