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Thread: CCM controller, specifically C7 corvette

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    Default CCM controller, specifically C7 corvette

    its been mentioned in only 2 whole posts that I can find when searching the forum.

    The other guys can access and license the CCM (via the OBDII) and tune , e.g. the NPP (performance exhaust flaps) open and close points - among many other things.

    I know EFIlive noted a large diesel/cummings push over the last years, but i found it the best for my Ls1 camaro with custom OS etc. However moving up in cars to a C7, I have less to work with. Now being told (and seeing) the others tune the exhaust mode flaps is a bit annoying I have all this tech and cannot do this.... or can we?
    I've not updated my EFI live for a good year

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    I know it's not fun but I have to use HPT to scan certain channels for certain Operating systems and use it to change parameters in the tune then read it off with EFI and finish tuning.

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