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Thread: Bad tunes?

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    Angry Bad tunes?

    LBZ duramax here with Efi live/autocal/dsp5, Bought some tunes from a guy and he sent dsp5 switch with the efi live. Go to delete the EGR and put the tunes on the truck and the truck starts acting up, the turbo starts to go in and out and the vane position is all over the place. About a month later I pull the turbo clean/rebuild it/put some new wheels new sensor & selinoid, so everything on this turbo is in check.reflash my tunes, mess with the switch a little and it starts up great and turbo is staying consistent. Load up the data on the efi and it shows me turbo vane position % & dsp5 voltage. (i

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    Noticed most people have “NON DSP5 or DSP5 1-4” but mine shows volts for some reason & whenever I go to” select pid’s” it shows a quick loading sign then sends me back to the select menu. But that’s another problem. Now whenever I go to switch my tune from tune 1 (stock) to any other the turbo vane position drops immediately and the volts on the dsp5 switch shown on the efi scanner drop to around 1.2. This keeps dropping as I go through my tunes. What’s my problem? Bad tunes or switch? Or is it on my end?

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