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Thread: C7 Z06 registering knock but no timing pulled

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    Default C7 Z06 registering knock but no timing pulled

    hi all, so i'm trying to get more into the E92 (big transition from LS1B) and was recording the recommended spark advance and KR PIDs.
    What I noticed, if true is that the are is really running around 25 deg timing WOT >5000rpm, I didn't expect that. On all my recent runs cat overtemp always comes on, even if I've only just started driving (warm car). Anyway, I saw a clear knock spike of 4 deg register but spark advance didn't move, on the LS1B I could always see the KR subtracted out of the spark advance. Does the E92 filter this as it occurred almost directly related to cat overtemp kicking in?

    I'm running 98 ron octane (and can even go up to 102) as i'm in Germany and we have unlimited speed on some stretches of highway, this was a 4th gear pull, circa 200km/h

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    Knock is slightly different on E92. it is NOT global like E38. So you are likely seeing the biggest knock detected on a specific cylinder. The SAE Spark PID measures the retard on cylinder one. There are a few PIDs that can tell you which cylinder it is.
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