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Thread: Cmf cp3 os

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    Default Cmf cp3 os

    Are there any plans for updated CSP5 OS's for 21+ trucks, or 19-20s with the CP3 recall done?

    I am having trouble getting it to run properly with the CP4 OS, even with fuel psi tables changed to CP3 values. I am assuming there are more fuel tables that are unmapped by EFILive that need to be changed to run properly.

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    yes there are well over 20-30 parameters in the back end in BIn that need to be changes in order to convert to a true CP3 file.

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    Uh there's 44. Jim P first posted that a while back ago, took me a little bit but I got them all found and it makes truck idle much smoother without the ticking. Where you will notice a big difference is on the 22 and 23 trucks. A cp4 file on those trucks is very loud with harsh idle this is compounded by the fact that the 22 up trucks have different injector calibrations from the 19-21. I have those as well in my 22,23 files.

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