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Thread: Bought Truck w/EFI Live AutoCal v3.0 not sure of options

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    Default Bought Truck w/EFI Live AutoCal v3.0 not sure of options

    Hi, so like the title says, I recently bought my truck with an LBZ. It came with an EFI Live AutoCal v3.0. It looks like the AutoCal is still linked to the original tuner. But I don't know who the tuner was and hard to get ahold of the owner who did it as it was 2 owners ago. Also, to make matters worse, this truck is from Tx and I drove it home to PA. So it would be hard to find the original tuner to begin with. Can I find a local tuner and have them develop a new tune? I'd like to get rid of the EGR and the intake air heater. I'm just not sure what my options are. Is it possible to find a stock LBZ tune and put it on the truck so at least I know where I'm at? Thanks in advance for any insight.

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    Yes, everything you want to do is possible, but first you need to unlink your autocal. You can buy an unlink code on efilive's website. Then you can link up to whatever tuner you choose.

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