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Thread: FlashScan V3 vs. AutoCal

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    Default FlashScan V3 vs. AutoCal


    FlashScan V3 vs. AutoCal

    How do I know which one should I buy? Is AutoCal for the ready tuning that I received from someone or it's for remote tuning through third party?

    Please clarify to me as I didn't get the difference between both products.

    my other question is whats the file used with EFI Live is it BIN or CTZ

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    your tuner programs it, you plug it in and flash your ECM.
    needs to be linked to a FlashScan (your tuner's).

    you edit your own tune and flash it.
    you edit other people's tunes and flash them.
    your tuner sends you a .ctz file which you flash

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