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    Hello...I'm a potential buyer of the FlashScan V3, but I need help to determine everything I need.

    I'm have a 2013 Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum, that I'm changing the transmission valve body in it. and it requires Transmission reset. What all do I need to accomplish this the EFILive Hardware. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

    Note: I will not be using the hardware for tuning...I just need it to reset TCM and PCMs

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    Depends on how the valvebody TECM is setup.
    Some you can get are preprogrammed for your truck so you can put them in and go.
    Others come blank and need to be taken to the dealer to be programmed for your truck.

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    For what you're looking to do and what a v3 costs, since you said you're not looking to do tuning, you'd be better off getting a MDI2 (I got mine here and then you'd have the dealer hardware, you could buy a vin license for the vehicle for $45 from which will give you two years of programming access for all modules for that VIN. I'm not sure EFILive can do full programming of a brand new blank module.

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