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Thread: Licensing Tunes... Help!!

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    Default Licensing Tunes... Help!!

    Recently had to switch tuners. Unlinked autocal from previous tuner and re-linked to current tuner. When I use V8 file explorer to move my new tune onto autocal, I get the message:

    "This file is not licensed for use with this autocal. Only files that are saved using the "Save for Remote" option can be used with this autocal".

    Im sure this is a newb question, but im not super tech savvy. My tuner says i need to "license the tune", but isnt giving much help past that.


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    Your tuner is wrong. HE needs to link the tune files using the "save, for autocal" button at the bottom of the V8 editor screen.

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    Change your tuner, friend. He doesn't know basics.

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