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Thread: Looking for some files for Duramax and Cummins trucks for track use

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    Post Looking for some files for Duramax and Cummins trucks for track use

    First post, Hi everyone!

    At my private shop I mainly work on pre-emissions street trucks but I have a few friends retiring their newer daily drivers for track vehicles when we all go racing periodically. Seems 12 valve p pumps aren't as cool as they used to be... anyways I'm extremely picky on tuning when it comes to smoke and efficiency and really don't like the tuning they have and would like to be able to upgrade and dail-in as needed. These are gonna be pure trailer queens since everyone went L5P... any have a connection? PM me. Thanks in advance.
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    Toy: 94 12 valve 160 pump, benched at 505cc, 191 dv, mack rack, 4k springs, no plate, AFC re calibration, 5x18 VCO, Hamilton 188/220, 60#VS with titanium retainers and locks, ported head with swirl rams retained and ARP Head Studs, built 47RH manual VB

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