I seem to be in a huge minority here with my 8.1L coupled with the Allison transmission. I would like to try and remove some torque management from the allison but i dont know where to do that. There are tables in the Allison tune file that reference "torque reduction mode" but i have yet to see anything that will allow me to alter it. I dont assume any of this would be done in the tranny section of the PCM .tun file because its all based on 4 speed calibrations, the allison has 5 speeds. Is there any info coming in the new software update to include any tutorials for the allison or possibly any upgrades to the allison interface? In the diesel application the PCM and TCM communicate with each other, but i am told in the gas trucks that have the allison (only the 8.1L's) they do not communicate with each other. Can anyone give some insight as to how the PCM and TCM work together to get the job done? I am looking for info regarding the gas/allison setup, not the diesel/allison setup as i believe there are many differences between the two.