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Thread: Efi Live Tuning Problem,, Need Help

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    Default Efi Live Tuning Problem,, Need Help

    I have a 2002 Z06 Corvette. When I am logging with EFI Live (FSP V1.2,) I frequently loose conductivity with the PCM while logging. It will log for 5-10 min and then loose connection.
    The OBDII ALDL connection is tight and the connections for the plugs are tight. The computer I'm using is new and very fast.

    Could someone provide me some suggestions to correct this problem.



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    Welcome to the forum Bill. Not sure what mod's you've done, but the first thing that comes to mine is checking all your fuses and the grounds on the back of the left cylinder head.

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    Mine does that every once in a while as well. I just pull the usb out of the laptop and plug it back in. It's a PITA, but it's a work around. The thing I've been trying to solve is how to stop the data "flow" from pausing in certain situations (like when I start moving from a stop OR when I floor it from a highway cruise). Watching the laptop while starting from a stop, the live data pauses for about 3~4 seconds and then plays catch up like it's in fast forward until it gets to the current data. Any clue on how to fix that???

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    Bill, can you borrow a different laptop/pc and see if it still does this...?


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    Just because the plug is plugged in doesnt mean that the pins inside your CAR obd2 connector are making good contact. Some aftermarket scan tools have really thick pins and that bends the metal inside the little plug in your car. That is always the problem when it drops off signal. I just take a needle and you have to go from behind the connector and you can bend the little flaps back up in all the connector pins.
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