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    So what's this all about?.
    In the next update of EFILive you guys will be so impressed with a new Auto Tuning feature.
    This does NOT rely on LTFT data, nor do you need a spread sheet to make it work......and it even works under WOT!!.

    Let me put up a teaser.......

    This is my own car which has a smallish 218/224 @ 113LSA cam running the PCM in SD mode (MAF in garbage bin).
    I have only ever had time to tune this thing at WOT on the dyno and that was it (been too busy sitting in front of a PC).
    Now, my VE table is the stock one from the factory apart from the WOT stuff.
    All these tests and tunes were done with the PCM forced into Open Loop so I was not fighting the STFT and LTFT.

    Take a look at the last screen shot. This shows my AFR at light throttle WAY out, commanded is 14.63:1, but the WBO2 is at 12.36:1.
    The engine was pretty much running like that everywhere from idle to about 70% load, but actually also lean at some points. (Click picture for a larger view).

    So here is how I tuned this engine.
    Fit two kids into the back seat, drive 10mins to the post office to send some mail with EFILive logging in the front seat.
    Then working some EFILive magic (the blurred out PID) I simply adjusted the entire VE table (basically a 3 click operation) and flashed the new file into the car.

    Now this is NOT fudged or fiddled, but now checkout the AFR's for pretty much the same RPM and load point.
    This was done with just 10mins of driving (including sooking kids) and a few mouse clicks!!.
    (Click second picture for a larger view).

    The first picture shows the changes made to the VE table from the original VE table to the 'corrected' one.

    Hopefully should get this car onto a dyno soon to run it through all RPM and load points in the VE to map the entire thing in I would say less than 1/2hr. 8)

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