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Thread: Upgrading from EFILive V6 Professional

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    Default Upgrading from EFILive V6 Professional

    Can anyone tell me what my options are for upgrading from EFILive V6 Professional to either Flashscan V1 or V2 and the cost of each? With all the changes to the pricing structure, it's kind of confusing.


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    Hi, The v6 pro to v1 upgrade is only $349,

    The v6 pro to V2 Price i am not sure of, I think it was $549 but please dont quote me on that. If you email and ask that question they will be more than happy to answer.
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    I tried emailing, but haven't received a response yet. I went ahead and sent Blacky a PM asking about the availability of a V6 Pro to V2 package.

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    Yes, pm Blacky...

    he has been quite busy, flooded with orders, packing V2's into boxes to meet orders
    (...and making sure there's a pen in every box... )

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    It's available now. Ordered mine today. Thanks Blacky and Wait4Me
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