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Thread: Lean Cruise and Cruise Control

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    You need to be careful using lean cruise with cos5. I have enrichment built into my B3647 table which can cause a rich cruise mode if the parameters are met during acceleration. It seems that load is not a factor with the custom os just speed & time.
    I am just running a pseudo lean cruise at the moment until my wideband is fixed & I can nut out the best way to run the table.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garry
    Not even in a COS#5?

    Feature Request !?
    This one has been beaten to death in the past. There is some US cars running LC, but don't ask me to do it, but, it is just a simple patch, it was talked about over at LS1Tech last year.

    I'm sitting on the fence still with this one. Maybe I'll ask my old mate Vim Fuego to post on here how to do it.

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    For tuning support please post your questions on this forum (or other auto forums).
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