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Thread: LBZ read error

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    Default LBZ read error

    I just attempted to read a 2006 LBZ. I have the 7.3 build 555 software and a V2. The connection went fine, status verified as a LBZ and it began downloading the tune. When it finished, it immediately gave an unknown bin file error and named the file: BadFileFormat.tun

    Do I need to email this tune file in?

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    This error is usually caused by the wrong firmware in the V2 hardware.
    Here's how to check which version you have.

    Look in the folder '\Program Files\EFILive\V7'
    Then run the program called "EFILive_Firmware.exe"
    Grab your V2, unplug both the vehicle plug and USB if they are connected.
    Hold down the 'Ctrl' key and plug the USB cable in.
    The V2 should power up and two orange LED's will cycle back and forth.
    Now turning to the EFILive_Firmware.exe program.
    Press the status button.
    It should return some data about the V2 unit, one of the fields is the firmware version. It must be 2.04.47, if it is not then you need to update.
    To do that, simply click on the Browse button (circled in Green), and load the file located in the '\Program Files\EFILive\V7' folder still called -
    Once that is loaded, press program, then you should be right to go.

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    I'll give that a shot. I had seen other posts referring to a firmware update, but didn't know exactly what it was. I'm sure that will take care of the issue. I'll respond back if I have further difficulties. Thank you.
    Richard -
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    One of the most common mistakes I have seen is for the user to hold down the "cntrl" button on the PC keyboard when trying to put the V2 into dead poll mode for a firmware update.

    The correct button to hold down is the "cntrl" button on the V2 unit. Look for the two blinking amber lights to be sure you are in the right mode with the V2.

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