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Thread: FlashScan V2 Licenses

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    The unit has no idea you sold it.
    But if the upgrade has been completed that serial # is locked down with EFI Live
    so the person you sold it to can not buy any new licenses.

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    A new owner will have no issues at all. They can continue to purchase additional licenses as required.

    The only exception to this is with a FlashScan V1 unit which has been used to upgrade to FlashScan V2. In this case no further PCM licenses will be issued against the FlashScan V1 serial number.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wpage View Post
    What happens if you sell your unit. Is everything transferable to new owner?
    The EFI unit?
    The lic left if any?
    The new owner gets:
    - the hardware/cable,
    - all licenses (used and un-used).

    So the new owner will be able to flash the old owners licensed PCM/ECM/TCM modules.

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