EFILive is pleased to announce the added support for the 1998 - 2000 Vortec V6 and V8 engine range.

Vortec support adds many new vehicles to our supported vehicles list. For further details see here - http://www.efilive.com/supvehicle.aspx , look for "Vortec 98-00 PCM - Stream S-VORB"

The Vortec will only work for users with V2 hardware, V1 cannot be used on the Vortec due to technical limitations with the communications.

You must be running the latest beta version of our software to gain access to the Vortec programming. This can be found here -

You will then need to download the calibration files linked to below.
Extract that zip file in to the directory -
\Program Files\EFILive\V7\Calibrations

To read the Vortec PCM, select it from the drop down list in the read PCM window.

These calibration files are a public beta release, meaning, there may exist some spelling mistakes etc, but, for the most part they are complete.
We are missing support for one Vortec O.S (9360505), if you read a PCM with that O.S you will get an unsupported notice. Please send the tun file to us so we can add support for it.
Special thanks goes to Jesse at Wait4me Performance for he's assistance in developing and testing these Vortec calibrations.