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Thread: 4L60E Reference Material

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    the wires were pulled out of the connector leading into the tranny on my 93 2500 gmc sierra. the truck wiring harness side !
    is there a color code diagram for the truck side ? with pin numbers ? so i can rebuild the 11pin conector

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    Default Shift curve relationships

    PT shift table relationships:

    basic relationships:
    1->2 curve should be above 2->1 curve;
    2->3 curve should be above 3->2 curve;
    3->4 curve should be above 4->3 curve;

    additional relationships:
    3->2 curve should be above 1->2 curve;
    4->3 curve should be above 2->3 curve;

    this can be summarized as: the curves cannot cross anywhere;

    if they cross anywhere, then you will not be able to predict what gear the PCM selects when the operating point hits the cross.

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    A few broken links here. I just found this and printed it into a spiral book. Great reference

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