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Thread: Raw Bin files for pcm recovery

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    Default Raw Bin files for pcm recovery

    Is there a repository of stock bin files in raw format that can be used to recover a dead pcm? I currently have a couple dead pcms laying around that need new flash files, I have eeprom flasher and all adapters and surface mount solder station just need raw bin files. I suppose i could take apart some working pcms and read the files but much easier if there is a place to get them already read out. Need 2002 and 2004 dmax, and 2002 through 2005 gas (any file will do really, just so as to get pcm talking again)

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    PM sent.
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    Am I able to resurrect this post from the dead? I have the exact same issue. Was wondering if I could also get a bin file to restore a 2003 dmax that went dead while programming?

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