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Thread: DSP2 issues

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    Default DSP2 issues

    I know I'm about, oh 6 months behind the power curve, but I'm finally getting around to installing and tinkering with DSP2 stuff. I'm following the pub, and on page 6 and 7 when it tells me to open the dsp2 os, then open one of my current tunes, I dont get the option to open my tune as the comparison.

    I was however able to open my tune first, then the dsp2 os. The problem then came as I could only copy segments from 'alternate calibration to current cal', not current cal to alternate. Page 8 says the window could say either, so how can you change it?

    sorry, im a noob, thanks.

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    are you sure that you are using the right dsp o/s?

    c:/ my documents, EFIlive, V7, Bins, Custom O/S, then scroll down to the correct dsp2 o/s for your vehicle.

    For example my stock o/s is 15228758 so my dsp2 o/s would be: 05875801

    so open up the proper dsp2 o/s and then load the cal file you want for the stage 1 setting for comparison. then click show summary of differences and it will display differences. now left click and highlight all the calibrations that you want to update and click update, just make sure not to highlight the dsp2 calibrations.
    now for the stage 2 "dsp2" setting copy and paste the calibrations from your saved tun file that you want to use and paste in the "EFIlive Custom calibration area on the top of the calibrations window.

    email me @ if you have any more questions.

    hope this helps,
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