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Thread: PID's Missing or am I missing something

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    Default PID's Missing or am I missing something

    Troubleshooting truck -

    Already have the ignition voltage reading that I cannot find.
    Seen the battery voltage - not sure if it is the same - I do not think it is.

    Also have the TCM on allison connected read PIDs in manual says to look at what the TCM is reporting fot the TFP E Solenoid Pressure switch.

    Any way of adding more into the PID list - Is there a way even to go to the console and ready what these are in the TCM / ECM.

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    I do not think any of the solenoid pressure switches are available in EFILIve as of now. If you ask Ross and Paul they may be able to work something out. From what I understand it isn't that hard to add a PID as long as they know where to poke in the TCM/ECM.

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