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Thread: Boost pressure input and logging

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    Default Boost pressure input and logging

    How is everyone logging boost pressure? I am running 13-14psi at the moment on the OEM OS in my Z06 and I don't have a 2 or 3 bar sensor anywhere on the car. Since it's a turbo app, I need to log boost throughout the RPM range instead of just looking at peak boost.

    Edit, also, since I am running 13-14psi and may even go as high as 15psi, I am assuming a 3 bar is probably the right path to go, especially if I want to be able to detect any sort of top end boost creep. I've used the sensor on this order page before with their controller/data logger and it seemed to work well and has a big pressure range, but it's a bit pricey. Any ideas are welcome

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    From the scan or tune tool, click Help -> Tutorials -> Custom OS Tutorial. There is a section in there about setting up 2-3 bar map sensors.

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