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Thread: How Do You Achieve Zero Fuel Consumption On Deceleration?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phils01z View Post
    I made all those realizations based on the fact I am a programmer myself.
    Then you also understand the 'legacy support' concept
    In reality (and this is by no means meant an insult to LS1 based tuner or cars/trucks), but these days it has to be considered an older PCM (legacy if you will), 1999 was when it came out. So relate this back to your computer programming job, how much time do R&D departments spend on Windows 98 enhancements or fixes vs Windows 7 or 8? EFILive is in the same boat, at this point unless there is a critical error that will brick the LS1 PCM there is probably not a lot going to be happening for it in the future. And I'm just saying this to try to put in to perspective why incorrect descriptions may slip by these days, nobody at EFILive is working on LS1 full time any more.

    Unfortunately EFILive staff no longer have any LS1 based vehicles to test with either, we used to have three, but they've all been sold for later model vehicles (new R&D platforms I suppose). We can slot in to fix the descriptions, but, we can't verify the exact operation through vehicle testing. We'll see what we can figure out though based on what Dave said.

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    " Then you also understand the 'legacy support' concept "

    I do, but it the critical lab safety business I can't risk anything that runs on a windows machine. Everyone is an "armchair computer guy" and I like to give them as few buttons as possible ( else they will push them ). Everything I write is on the embedded level for that reason, I can't let people get thier hands in my honey. So, I'm a bit atypical. I have to support anything we have ever written almost indefinitely. Yes systems designed in 1986 still are expected to perform 10 years after EOL, just part of the GOV/MIL mindset.

    If that is the end of the road for the LS1 type things I will have to learn to live with it I guess. I was secretly hoping that the GM stuff was going to liberate me from tons of research the Fords require. To be honest it is already far and away better in every way, but all of it still is based on the interpretation of the stock PCM.

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