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Thread: Reading the P12 PCM

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    Default Reading the P12 PCM

    The reading and programming options have been in public beta for over a month now but many might not actually be aware of this.
    To ensure we get good coverage of all engine types used with this controller we request that you please send any .tun files you might read out of these PCM's to
    You must be using V2 hardware to be able to read / program the P12 PCM.
    When you press the green icon in Tune, select the P12 from the drop down list. If you are unsure which PCM the vehicle is using try to locate the PCM in the engine bay and compare it to the picture shown at the top right of the read screen.
    If you select the wrong PCM type don't worry, you won't damage anything, the PCM will simply reject the bootloader and EFILive will give you an error message stating this.

    Select P12 PCM to read:
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