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Thread: Bug in V.7.3 or in V.7.4?

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    Default Bug in V.7.3 or in V.7.4?

    I'm going to do an engine conversion (2006 LLY). Using EFILive V.7.3 I read my ECM (Bosch#12606127), disabled VATS and flashed the changed tun-file back to the ECM.
    After upgrading to EFILive V.7.4 I loaded the changed tun-file again and it says:
    VATS enabled! I read my ECM again and it says also VATS enabled.But the tun -file history says:Anti Theft, changed from "Enable" to "Disable". Very confusing!
    I can't testrun my engine yet, so the big question is: Is VATS really disabled by using V.7.4 or is there a bug in the software ?Thank you.


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    This is interesting. I disabled the vats on a tune, the same version that you mention and now I have the latest software. The ECM if removed and flashed on a bench harness and installed back in the vehicle. Will faltas if it's a new ECM and set SES code that need to be cleared. I checked another ECM flashed with the latest software and if flashed with the same tune on the bench harness, reinstall the engine starts up with no codes. I have the same vin on both ECMs. The older ECM that was flashed from start with the disable Vats and enabled. Reflashed with the same tune with the newer V7 software will always set SES code if flashed on the bench harness. The newer ECM will not create the same problem if done the same way. Why?

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