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Thread: Upgrading to an EFILive custom O.S

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    Quote Originally Posted by emarkay
    Just to clarify, if it's "MAFless" why do you still want to "run with a MAF", and as for "dual spark", that's 2 tables, not 2 flashes of the plug per compression stroke, correct? How does one select the alternate spark and the Rev limiter settings? Thanks!
    The section I copied was a copy of a post that Ross made in another thread...

    There is no alternate spark maps as suck, just that both the High and Low Octane maps will work in the custom OS's when running MAFless (Speed Density), whereas with a stock OS running MAFless it would only use the Low Octane table. I'm sure you knew that already, but just for other peoples benefit

    The Valet Mode/Two Step (Rev Limiter) tables are:
    A0011 - To actually enable the function and requires that you wire a switch into a particular pin on the PCM
    A0012 & A0013 - Speed limit for ETC or cable throttle controlled vehicles when in Valet Mode/Two Step
    B3324 & B3325 - RPM upper and lower limits when in Valet Mode/Two Step

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    hey everyone.
    im completely stupid to this concept so sorry for the questions, i have recently changed from jetdst tuner to efi live. an amazing difference!!
    anyway where can i get these files or how do i modify them. i am looking at running nitrous and need to figure this all out. how do i change the calibration files?
    The list says that my calibartion is 12592618. so what do i do here? please email me asap if possible kinda stuck here till then.
    2005 Programs
    12592618 = 05120001
    Thanks for the answers in advance

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    Hi Brandon,

    What year/model/vehicle/PCM do you have...?

    Follow this: Custom OS Upgrade Tutorial

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    hey i have a 2005 gmc sierra 4x4 4.8
    Im only slightly crazy.....

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    Default lhomert

    I got a 2001 2wd 2500HD that I use for work I stay busy working on it when I'm not working it. I just ordered EFIscanandtune I'm excited about that, I hope I can figure it all out I'm ok mechanically but electronics are new to me oh well you only live once.
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