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Thread: Is the tow/haul button considered "performance" in efilive?

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    Default Is the tow/haul button considered "performance" in efilive?

    Like the question ask. I see the column called performance in a couple of different sections in the software. Just trying to figure out how to make my tow/haul button a haul/ass button.

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    Yes, tow/haul = performance. It's just transmission settings though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kbracing96
    It's just transmission settings though.
    That is perfect then. Exactly what I was hoping for. This is going to be fun!

    So, what have others done with their tow/haul button? I was going to make mine more aggressive. Firmer shifts, more aggressive TCC settings, hold gears longer at WOT and part throttle, ect, ect

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    I have used it for low traction conditions on higher powered vehicles. It can be easily adapted to other vehicles that don't have the switch. Simply put all of the 1-> 2 shift points (D0901) near the WOT actual shift MPH and you can feather the throttle without any concerns of it short shifting to second gear. It will also keep you from making aggresive downshifts back to first if it does shift to second.
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