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    Default high speed flash

    I was tuning an 04 silverado 2500hd and it will not take high speed flash. This is the only time I have seen this. What causes it?

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    Using v7.4?
    Anyway, one thing that seems to plague the Diesel world is these 'dumb' iPod adapters and XM radio adapters that tap into the serial data lines, if they have one of those fitted, pull the fuse, I know it wasn't a Diesel, but they they have anything like that fitted?
    FYI, we contacted a few of these companies and not one of them has any support built into the hardware to tell the unit to stop talking on the serial data bus when told to


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    It does it with V1 and V2. The runs great, it just will not allow high speed flash. The thing that sucked the most was I installed COS#3 and forgot to the the updated one with the C and had to do it again. Spent an hour just flashing the pcm over and over. Its running COS#3 now so its all good.

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