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Thread: 12200411 retrofit, have efilive "VIN" question

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    Default 12200411 retrofit, have efilive "VIN" question

    I am tuning a car (57 pontiac with a 1998 5.7 vortec) that has a 12200411 PCM installed (it was out of a 2001 G van, express van, etc.). Car runs OK, but needs some tuning. I bought EFI live Personal Scan&tune and installed the software (V 7.3).

    When I start up the software, it asks me for the VIN number.... well I don't know what the vin would be for this one. I am assuming it needs the VIN so that it can load the proper calibration files for the data stream?? So could I just use any VIN number that would be right for a 2001 G van? If so, any idea where I could get a VIN? I also noticed that the 12200411 PCM was not on the drop down menu, can someone help a newbie out?


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    I take it that you are trying to scan. Open your Tuning tool and download the PCM files to your computer, that should give you the numbers you need and the baseline tune you want to work from.
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    Pretty sure you select the LS1 ECM type for that ECM, and download the tune first to get the VIN #.
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