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Thread: Linking Scan Log To Tune File Maps

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    Default Linking Scan Log To Tune File Maps

    Hi people, just doing some preliminery logging on a 2007 Holden SSV with an E38 PCM and for some reason when I highlight the scan tool data I'm not getting the purple highlight in the corresponding map in the tune software.
    It still works with LS1 logs and maps but not the new E38.
    What am I missing? just spent 2 hours looking and I've had enough
    knowing me it will be right in front of me > MAN LOOK


    "Just a tune > yeah right !!!! "

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    The E38 links have not (yet) been added to the configuration file:
    \Program Files\EFILive\V7\Configuration\cal_link.txt

    You can add in whatever links you want to use by adding entries in the [E38] section. Look for the [E38] section header. For example here's how you would add the spark table link:
    ; _________________________________________________________________________
    ; E38 (LS2 2006/2007)
    ; ROW runs Vertical - Y Axis
    ; COL runs Horizontal - X Axis
    ; High octane spark table
    ; _________________________________________________________________________
    Before asking for help, please read this.

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    awesome thanks Blacky
    "Just a tune > yeah right !!!! "

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