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Thread: is black box logging available on v2 yet ?

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    Default is black box logging available on v2 yet ?

    I just bought a v2 package. The issue date on the license is 7/22/07 but there is a card in the box that says that "this feature is not available yet but will be available in early 2007". It is august, does black box logging work with this device yet or not? Do I need a software or firmware update ?

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    Short answer: No, not yet

    Here is a post from a couple of days ago in another thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Blacky
    I guess it seems to many customers like BB logging is never going to happen. It will happen but there have been many pre-requisites that we had to meet before it could happen. There have also been a number of urgent projects that caused BB logging to be put on hold for a few weeks here and there. Those projects were not part of the planned development cycle but the business case for giving them priority was significant.

    There's nothing I can say to defend the fact that it is "late as hell". I know its late, our customers know its late, even my kids know its late.

    I don't have any further updates/information on black box logging execpt to say that the PC side of the BB logging module is complete. It is a standalone application that is built on the all new EFILive V8 software platform. There are no known issues with the design/development of BB logging. The only hold up to BB logging now is how fast the firmware and software can be completed, tested and rolled out.

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    Does the V1 device "blackbox log" if yes is there any disadvantage to getting a v1 device ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by imtduncan
    Does the V1 device "blackbox log" if yes is there any disadvantage to getting a v1 device ?
    V2 supports way more cars/trucks as V1 just cannot connect to. Check your ride on the main homepage and make sure V1 works on your car. Plus, eventually V2 will BBL and tune, vs just BBL for V1. I think there is a list of features for V1 vs. V2 somewhere. V1 works fine for most everything, I have one, but V2 is so much cooler!
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